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The Evolution of Santa Teresa

Within the multifaceted marvel that is Costa Rica, lies the halcyon surfing hamlet of Santa Teresa. Bestowed with the virtue of remoteness, the area has developed at a slower, more measured pace, spared the inundation of high rises.

Certainly there were the boom times from 2000-6 when more trucks than cars would amble down the bumpy, dirt road heading for new construction sites. So too was there the great recession’s lull from 2007-12 when development stood still. Since then there has been a crescendo of activity culminating in the current state of affairs – a red-hot market! A small handful of moderately low hanging fruit still ripens on the tree, but surely not for long.

Santa Teresa initially garnered recognition as a world-class surf town and soon morphed and broadened its appeal to include yoga and wellness adherents. Storks visited homes with bouncing bundles of joy and the local population grew. This young, energetic community put their backs into creative enterprises from hotels and restaurants to all manner of services.
Attracting travelers seeking a non-traditional, tropical adventure the peninsula offered its visceral bounty of experiences: surfing, snorkeling, SUP, fishing, SCUBA, white sand beaches, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, animal and bird watching, topped at the end of the day with sumptuous meals.

Santa Teresa and Mal Pais further benefit from topographic advantages. The hills are wedged up against the beach, which afford homeowners spectacular infinity edge views with the sights and sounds of the beach only meters below them. The surf’s break is audible and the scent of sea salt in the air is palpable. Additionally, there is no thru-traffic, because the bottom of the peninsula, below Malpais, is anchored by the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve. The National Park with an extension of 3,100 acres was  Costa Rica’s first protected area and provides an abundance of wildlife to admire.

The influx of celebrities has brought lots of notoriety to the Santa Teresa area. Many Hollywood stars own property or vacation in the zone regularly. Travelers today range from jet set to those looking for surf sets, from sensualists to Bodhisattvas. Come explore the possibilities of a unique part of Costa Rica.

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